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EP 5: What Are the Differences Between NYC Co-ops and Condos When Buying?

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What Are the Differences Between NYC Co-ops and Condos When Buying? Show Notes

The John and Jonathan Sell NYC Podcast: Episode 5

Welcome to the John and Jonathan Sell NYC Podcast, where experienced, expert NYC real estate brokers John Gasdaska and Jonathan Conlon break down what’s happening in the market, what you need to know whether you’re a buyer, seller, or agent, and their insight into the future, with a little bit of fun along the way.

So, What IS the difference between NYC Co-ops and Condos?

You’d never be able to tell the difference between a co-op or a condo by just walking in – it’s the behind the scenes aspects that make them different. From taxes, privacy, subletting policies, and pricing to ease of transfer and ease of use, there are certainly things to know before purchasing either property type. In this episode, John and Jonathan give you a glimpse into the explanation they would give to a new buyer who is looking to purchase in the city.

Timestamps for Each Segment:

  • John and Jonathan’s experience in the market this week: 1:02
  • The difference between co-ops and condos: 15:35

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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