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EP 33: How We Got Started In Real Estate

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How We Got Started In Real Estate

The John and Jonathan Sell NYC Podcast: Episode 33

Jonathan’s Story

Jonathan grew up in Iowa, and never dreamed his career would be in real estate. After working in several different states, he moved to New York City and started work for a high-tech company in Manhattan. After a while, the company needed to eliminate a position, and Jonathan was looking for more of a challenge. He found an ad in the newspaper for a real estate job, and a few years later met John.

John’s Story

John always knew he wanted to live in New York City, but he spent the first few years of his professional life in other places. Eventually, his job transferred him to be a concierge at a hotel in Manhattan, and his dream of living in the big apple was realized. As he moved up in the concierge world, he started managing staff…and became very unhappy. Managing a large staff was not for him. At the suggestion of his therapist and friends, he decided to pursue real estate. He went on to work with Barbara Corcoran, and eventually meet Jonathan – their partnership has been strong ever since.


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