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The John and Jonathan Sell NYC Podcast

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About the Podcast

We started the John and Jonathan Sell NYC Podcast because we are passionate about providing our colleagues, clients, and friends with real-time, expert opinions, advice, and insight into the real estate market.

While the market can be hard to predict, and both buying and selling properties can be challenging, our team has the experience, passion, and knowledge needed to help you find exactly what you need. We don’t just keep our finger on the pulse of the real estate market, we live it day in and day out, and you can expect a new episode with the most up-to-date analysis of the market each Friday.
If you have any questions about the market, what the future could hold for your property, or just want to know some more about that listing down the street, feel free to give us a call.

About John Gasdaska and Jonathan Conlon

We are the founders of the Gasdaska Conlon Team and have been business partners for longer than we can remember. You can learn more about our team here, take a look at our properties here, see some client testimonials here and here, or reach out directly here.

Check out the Show Notes for the John and Jonathan Sell NYC Podcast

Episode One: First Week Back in Real Estate After Covid-19

Episode Two: What We Learned From Corcoran’s Q2 2020 Market Report

Episode Three: Why New York City is STILL the Best Place to Live in the World

Episode Four: What IS the Role of a NYC Real Estate Broker?

Episode Five: What Are the Differences Between NYC Co-ops and Condos When Buying?

Episode Six: National Real Estate Market vs. Manhattan: What Are the Differences?

Episode Seven: Who Are All the Parties Involved in a Real Estate Transaction in NYC?

Episode Eight: What Are Some Ways Real Estate Transactions Can Go Wrong?

Episode Nine: What Are the Most and Least Desirable Apartment Features in Manhattan?

Episode Ten: What Do You Need to Know About Your First Meeting With A Broker?

Episode Eleven: Reflecting on September 11th

Episode Twelve: Why Isn’t There an MLS in Manhattan? Doesn’t StreetEasy Count?

Episode Thirteen: How To Price A Property To Sell In Manhattan (Even During A Pandemic)

Episode Fourteen: Everything You Need to Know About Living On The Upper East Side

Episode Fifteen: Lessons and Manhattan Real Estate Market Analysis for Q3 2020

Episode Sixteen: Everything You Need To Know About Living In The West Village

Episode Seventeen: What to Look For In A Great NYC Real Estate Broker

Episode Eighteen: The Strangest, Quirkiest Apartments in Manhattan (and Stories to Go With Them!)

Episode Nineteen: Everything You Need to Know About Living On The Upper West Side

Episode Twenty: Everything You Need to Know About NYC Appraisals

Episode Twenty One: Everything You Need To Know About Living in Greenwich Village and The East Village

Episode Twenty Two: Are NYC Apartments Finally Affordable?

Episode Twenty Three: What Can All These Weekly Market Stats REALLY Tell Us?

Episode Twenty Four: Everything You Need To Know About Living In Carnegie Hill

Episode Twenty Five: New Year, New Goals, and Lessons From 2020

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